Massive SNAC Family Outing to Blairdrummond Safari Park

SNAC hosted their biggest ever family outing at Blairdrummond Safari Park on 11th September 2022. There were 120 families – that’s over 440 people from all over Scotland!!!!! It was a fabulous day with SNAC covering the cost of park entry and supplying lunch. They also organised coaches for those that needed them from the 4 corners of Scotland. There was even a family who came down from Shetland. The feedback has been wonderful with so many children and young people having the chance to meet someone else with childhood arthritis – many for the first time! It was quite emotional for many of us. Here are just some of the hundreds of pictures taken on the day. I wonder if this was some kind of record – 120 children and young people with JIA all together in one place?….