Aimee’s Fund celebrates the life and legacy of Aimee Buchan, who passed away in 2013 at the age of 7 from complications related to Macrophage Activation Syndrome. Established in August 2015, on what would have been Aimee’s 10th birthday, the Fund provides grants of up to £500 to support the daily lives of children in Scotland living with JIA.


Aimee’s Fund welcomes applications for funding to support children up to the age of 16 who are ordinarily resident in Scotland and have a confirmed diagnosis of JIA. Funding is awarded at the discretion of the Fund’s trustees on the basis of demonstrated need. The Fund has been established to support children requiring help to procure items or services that will significantly improve their quality of life; funds are awarded only for a defined purpose, which must clearly be specified in the application. Awards normally do not exceed £500, though applications for larger amounts will be considered in exceptional circumstances.

To Apply

Parents, carers, or trusted professionals may apply on behalf of an eligible child. Applications are received throughout the year.

You can e-mail to request an application form and guidance notes.

All applications must include:

  1. A completed, signed Application Form
  2. A Supporting Statement from a member of the child’s rheumatology team

Signed, completed Applications Forms and Supporting Statements should be emailed to

Applicants should take special care to read the guidance notes included in the Application Form when preparing their applications.

Aimee’s Fund has provided grants for 50 children since 2015. Grants have been awarded for a wide range of items and activities, all of which have helped with the physical and emotional impact that JIA has on young lives. From laptops to dance classes, climbing frames to bikes and swimming lessons to scooters – all have helped a child with JIA to overcome the challenges that arthritis poses for them. Here are a few of the children Aimee’s Fund has already helped.