World Young Rheumatic Diseases (WORD) Day takes place on 18th March every year.
You can find out more about it at

Last year SNAC asked families to share images which for them capture what having JIA means.

For 2022 we’d like to remind you of their work.

Thank you to all the SNAC families of children with JIA for sharing their images which capture JIA.

  • The invisibility of the condition
  • The medication that has to be taken
  • The regular hospital appointments
  • The infusions which are received at hospital
  • The admissions for joint injections
  • The eye screening, and if necessary treatments, for the associated condition uveitis
  • The swollen joints.
  • The pain of it all

We also have been sent images that capture the wonderful help children receive from the various charities and hospital staff who do all they can to make the condition, and hospital visits, easier to bear.

Finally in our image gallery, we want to showcase the achievements and activities that children love to do. JIA is a rollercoaster journey – however with an early diagnosis, the right and effective treatment, family support, and pure grit and determination, these kids are unstoppable.