Travelling with Medication – video

By 8th July 2018News, Videos

Travelling with medication can be a daunting, especially when flying. It is important to know how your medication should be stored and to plan ahead for your journey.

Medication should always be carried as hand luggage. Some should not be put in the hold because of the temperature there, but there is also the risk that your luggage gets mislaid.

Airport security is a worry for most families, especially when travelling with syringes or liquids. The best thing to do is to ask your Rheumatology team for a letter explaining your childs condition and the medication. Pack the medication all together and keep a copy of the letter with it so that you can show it to security if required.
Make sure you ask for the letter as soon as possible to ensure that you have it in time.

Jonathans medication needs to be kept refrigerated – this is how he manages it.