The Big chop

By 17th June 2017Fund Raising

Thank you to Kelly McColl who has bravely had her hair chopped and her nephew Connor who has had his head shaved for SNAC. In her own words “I have been thinking of some fundraising ideas lately as I have only been part of the group since March and I can’t stress enough the difference you all at SNAC have made to not only my daughter Emma but our family by including all of is in everything. Emma came up with a fantastic idea (according to her 😂) that I should get my very long hair chooped off to see if i could get any sponsors. My family and friends are delighted that I have agreed to this as I’ve been growing my hair for years however I am all in and I will be going for the chop…The team at SNAC and all the parents and children are amazing and an inspiration and as it was Emma’s suggestion I couldn’t refuse.”

If you would like to sponsor Kelly please see link below.