The Amazing Gregor Tennant!

By 9th June 2017Acheivements, News

Gregors mum Karen posted about his achievements on Facebook and has kindly allowed us to share that here. 
If you have a story to tell about your childs achievements – big or small – please let us know!

Hi, my youngest son Gregor was diagnosed with JIA in September last year and has been on treatment since as it affected his joints and also his eyes.
Gregor has been an absolute trooper and has put up with the weekly injections, two hourly eye drops, numerous blood tests and steroid injections and drips.
For a wee boy who was terrified of needles he has been amazing.

Anyway his Rheumatology nurse Catriona suggested I write to you as Gregor has managed to keep himself active throughout with swimming, cycling, football, running and hip hop. We were over the moon last Friday when he was presented with “Sports personality of the year” in his class at Lanark Primary.
Catriona thought this would be a good story to share with others. I have some pictures of him receiving his award but not very good quality as I was too emotional at the time!

Karen also sent us photos of Gregor receiving

“… two are medals he has won throughout the year which the school have asked him to take in ( I think they were both for football) He also recently sat his Bronze Freestyle BATD exam and was awarded highly commended for Hip Hop.”

Congratulations to Gregor from all at SNAC!