Relax Kids Feb/March 2017 Aberdeen

In Feb/March 2017 SNAC were delighted to fund another Relax Kids course of 3 sessions with Donna Fairley for children aged 6-11 with JIA from the Aberdeen area. Some feedback is shared below:

Each session took the children through Relax Kids ‘seven steps’: Move; Play; Stretch; Feel; Breathe; Believe; Relax.

Parents reflected on how the course had met their expectations:

“Kaydee (9) has enjoyed every session and talks about what she has learned with her school friends & family. Highly recommend the course”, Fiona Cowie, parent & SNAC Local Area Family Consultant.

“Over and above (expectations). Callum loved it and I could see how it worked. Callum used the tools” Holly Edmonds, parent.

“Eva…making new friends and also using the steps on a weekly basis, particularly around injection times.” Lesley Kane, parent.

“Lovely small group, no pressure, plenty of time to speak to other parents, share experiences and expectations. Skye always keen to come and participate in the group.” Nicola Burn, parent.

Parents shared their highlights “Seeing Callum use the tools at home ; Meeting other parents; Seeing Eva use the steps and tools given and actually wanting to use them; company of other parents; Skye feeling more confident and willing to share her experience of group and her condition with other people.”

Each child either made or was given a practical tool to take home every week. For example the ‘Mind Jar/Calm Bottle’ to model emotions, Hoberman Sphere to help with breathing exercises and ‘stretch cards’ with Yoga positions.

This group particularly enjoyed the breathing techniques taught with the peer massage, relaxation, games the Hoberman sphere:
and the calm bottle:

All parents agreed the course was a good use of SNAC funds and would recommend the course to other parents of a child with JIA:

“hugely beneficial to the children and parents alike” Nicola Burn, parent.”