Royal Hospital for Sick Children – Edinburgh
Royal Hospital for Sick Kids – often fondly referred to as ‘the Sick Kids’ – provides a comprehensive range of dedicated children’s service.

Yorkhill Hospital – Glasgow
Dedicated to providing all aspects of care at Yorkhill in a child focused and friendly environment.

Specialist and Research Organisations

British Society for Paediatric & Adolescent Rheumatology (BSPAR)
The aim of BSPAR is to advance paediatric rheumatology care in the UK and Ireland, by raising the standards of clinical care.

Scottish Paediatric and Adolescent Rheumatology Network (SPARN)
The prime aim is really making sure that the right treatment gets to the right patient at the right time in the most appropriate place.

Medicines for Children Research Network (MCRN)
Facilitate the conduct of randomised prospective trials and other well-designed studies of medicines for children, including those for prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Clinical Research Network – Children
The National Institute for Health Research has a subsection dedicated to research related to childhood conditions.

Arthritis Research UK Clinical Studies Group
This partnership of expertise offers a major opportunity to developing a comprehensive and long lasting research programme for paediatric rheumatology in the UK.

Scottish Children’s Research Network (ScotCRN)
ScotCRN is funded by the Chief Scientist Office (CSO) in the Scottish Government and is tasked with supporting clinical research to improve the safety and efficacy of children’s medicines and healthcare.

Lab Test Information
The Lab Test Information website explains JIA

Childhood Arthritis Prospective Study
Research aimed at identifying predictors of outcome, short and long term, and the influence of various factors in determining outcomes.

The Study of Biologic Use in UK Children with Rheumatic Diseases
The aim of this study is to look at the long term safety and efficacy of biologic therapies in children with rheumatic disease.

The aim of this study is to look at the safety, cost and clinical effectiveness of Adalimumab combined with methotrexate for the treatment of JIA associated Uveitis.

Related Charities

Arthritis Care
Home Information about Arthritis for differing age groups, holds branch meeting throughout Scotland and also events for children.

Arthritis Care Scotland
At Arthritis Care, we believe that people with arthritis need much more than well-meaning sympathy. They, and their families and friends, need support, understanding, information and expertise, so that they can cope better and get the most out of life.

Arthurs Place
Welcome to Arthur’s Place – The first online magazine and social network specifically for young people with arthritis. This site is most suitable for 18+

Arthritis Research UK (formerly ARC)
Information about Juvenile idiopathic arthritis with a lot of information leaflets in PDF format to download.

CCAA – Children’s Chronic Arthritis Association
CCAA is the leading charity run by parents and professionals to provide help and information for children with arthritis and their families.

Kids Like Us
Supporting children, young people and families affected by juvenile arthritis within the West Midlands.

Olivia’s Vision
Olivia’s Vision was established to help reduce the fears and anxiety we all experience from diagnosis onwards. Our website provides easy to understand uveitis information, including symptoms, tests, treatments, complications and medical research.

Strong Bones
S.C.C.T. is a national registered charity set up to help alleviate the pain, suffering and financial burden of families who have children suffering from brittle bone disease, bone cancer, scoliosis, arthritis, and all other conditions of the bone.

We aim to provide information and support for people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA), their families, friends and carers, as well as health professionals with an interest in RA.

Yes, Me too (Facebook Page)
Yes, me too area new charity providing a resource centre and activities/outings for children with learning difficulties, disabilities & illnesses within the Minority Ethnic communities who stay in Glasgow and surrounding areas.

We support children with any disability, illness or additional need and their families within the Minority Ethnic Communities. We offer a much needed resource centre and a wide range of activities/outings for the whole family, with an emphasis on having fun and supporting each other. We realize that individuals have differing needs, and we try to adapt and respond to what members say they want.

Support and Assistance

Capability Scotland
Capability works with disabled people of all ages and their families and carers throughout Scotland.

Living life to the full
Living Life to The Full On-line is a powerful new life skills resource.

Kindred provides advocacy and information on services available to children with additional support needs and their carers. You don’t always have to have a specific question for us, as we also provide a ‘listening ear’.

Family Fund
A UK charity providing grants to low-income families raising disabled children under 17. They can help with essential items such as washing machines, fridges and clothing but will also consider grants for computers, driving lessons and much needed family holidays.

Youth Health Talk
You can find out about the experience of being a young person with arthritis.

Related Documents

The British Paediatric and Adolescent Rheumatology Society (BSPAR) Standards of Care for JIA


Mood Gym
This is an Australian web site to help with emotional issues requires you to agree to terms and conditions and sign up.

Sleep Scotland
Their vision is to establish sleep counselling as part of a package offered to families with children with additional support needs.

Medikidz – medical information for kids
A cartoon using five super heroes to help children discover a fun way to learn about the human body.

Relax Kids
A large web site for children of all ages to help them relax, build their self-esteem, and become calm and confident.