SNAC is a charitable organisation which relies on fundraising and donations by the public, and its members, to carry out invaluable activities which provide support for children with JIA and their families.

  • We don’t receive any government funding and are wholly reliant on donations from the public.
  • We don’t have any paid staff, everything is done by parent volunteers.
  • We believe that raising awareness is just as important as raising money.

Thank you for all your efforts on SNAC’s behalf. Happy fundraising!

Where the money goes

SNAC fund many projects and activities throughout Scotland.

  • Small events such as soft plays, climbing wall, picnics.
    The kids go and have fun while the parents get together for a cuppa and a chat. Informal and invaluable.
  • Parents Day.
    A one day event with a team of medical professionals presenting on a variety of topics. These give an opportunity to learn more about the condition or treatments and to ask questions of them.
  • Family Weekend.
    A two day residential weekend for around 20 families.  A wider variety of topics are presented by the medical professionals and there are sessions on these for the kids too. The primary aim is to increase understanding of the condition for everyone so the kids with JIA and the siblings will attend most sessions together (grouped by age). The weekend is a mix of educational activities for all the family and social events. It allows families to meet, learn, share experiences and gain support from others in a similar position. The weekend is an expensive under taking, but an invaluable event in our calendar. It requires significant funding and is SNAC’s single biggest expense.

We are also funding a trial of “Buzzy Bees” to help children with their injections in hospital.  These devices seem to help a lot of our kids when receiving injections.

SNAC also donate to the education fund of the Scottish Paediatric and Adolescent Rheumatology Network (SPARN) and are working with them in other projects.

Our star fund-raisers

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