Mission Statement

The objective of the charity is to provide a national support network for children with arthritis and their families through the provision of factual, practical and emotional support. It aims to pull together the wider community of affected children in Scotland as well as raise public awareness of childhood arthritis.

A little about us

JIA (Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis) affects about one in every thousand under 16s yet most people don’t even know that kids can get arthritis.

SNAC was set up by parents of kids with JIA to provide support and information for families affected by the condition. On our website you will find information and real life experience about:

  • The various types of JIA and related conditions
  • The therapies and medicines used to treat the condition
  • What is being done to improve the treatments and outcomes
  • How to cope, from first diagnosis onwards.

To anyone affected by JIA, we hope you find the content helpful and informative, we have worked with the Scottish paediatric rheumatology teams to ensure the contents accuracy.

We have a thriving Facebook group and host events around the country, from soft plays to our annual residential weekend in Crieff. We’d be delighted if you would get in touch and get involved.

Membership of SNAC is free and by signing up you will help us to keep in touch about events or news of interest to you.  You can find out more on our Membership page.

Who’s involved

We have many people around the country who help us to raise funds and to run events large and small –  we wouldn’t be here without them!

We also have a committee who keep things running smoothly and and Local Area Family Contacts who help us keep in touch with families in their area.

Fional Cowie


Dorothy Kent

Events Liaison

Fiona Donaldson


Tracy Rendall

General Secretary & LAFC

Caroline Campbell

Membership Secretary

Sharon Douglas

Charity Liaison

Ruth Wyatt


Dr Joyce Davidson


Morag Millar


Grant Stott


Kate O'Donnell


Michael Kent

Treasurer, Website and IT

Duncan Bannatyne


Julia Jones


Willie Templeton

Vice Chair