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Welcome to SNAC, our community site that shares information on JIA, events that we hold and much more.

JIA (Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis) affects about one in every thousand under 16s yet most people don’t even know that kids can get arthritis.

SNAC was set up by parents of kids with JIA to provide support and information for families affected by the condition. On our website you will find information and real life experience about

  • The various types of JIA and related conditions.
  • The therapies and medicines used to treat the condition
  • What is being done to improve the treatments and outcomes
  • How to cope, from first diagnosis onwards.

To anyone affected by JIA, we hope you find the content helpful and informative, we have worked with the Scottish Paediatric Rheumatology teams to ensure the content’s accuracy.

One in a Thousand Kids get JIA
SNAC Founded
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Recent Achievements

We love to celebrate the things that our kids achieve so here’s a few of the recent posts.  You can see some more in our Blogs

Our Heroic Fundraisers

SNAC is run by a group of parent volunteers all of whom have a child with JIA (Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis)   We love what we do and we get enormous satisfaction from seeing the difference that SNAC has made in peoples lives.

NONE of this would be possible without the army of people who give their time to raise funds on our behalf.  We’ll ost about as many as we can here but if you have helped and don’t see a post here then please get in touch and tell us all about it – with photos if you can!  This is the most recent few, please have a look at the Blogs to see what else has been happening!

About JIA

Juvenile Arthritis

JIA presents itself in a number of different ways and the condition is split into 7 main groups. Learn more about them here.

What is JIA?


Treatment varies by condition and how it affects the individual. We explain the medications used in the treatment and how they might affect your child.



The prognosis for JIA has been hugely improved over the last few decades and ongoing research has played a vital part of this. Find out how you can help and why it isn’t as scary as it seems.


What’s Happening…

SNAC are holding a softplay in Edinburgh on the 17th March. Places are free, but booking is essential. E-mail tracyrendall@snac.uk.com to book your place. Thanks.

SNAC are holding a softplay in Edinburgh on the 17th March. Places are free, but booking is essential. E-mail tracyrendall@snac.uk.com to book your place. Thanks. ... See MoreSee Less

A post on behalf of Pain Concern, a UK based charity focused on providing information and support to those who live with chronic pain.

"We have a radio podcast/radio programme with almost 100 episodes, Airing Pain, which is an invaluable resource for those living with chronic pain, as well as their families, friends, carers, supporters, employers and health professionals.

We have been producing a podcast covering young adult's transition services, in the context of chronic pain. We are very happy to announce that the project is finished and available to listen to. You can find the link here."
audioboom.com/posts/6651644-transition-servicesGoing through adolescence can be a difficult process for anyone, but for young adults with chronic pain the difficulties of these formative years can become multifaceted. With 8% of young peopl...
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Well done Kaydee. Tremendous continued efforts.

Well done Kaydee. Tremendous continued efforts.Another box of stamps ready to post off. 4th year Kaydee has been collecting stamps for SNAC. Thank you to everybody who has saved their stamps.
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Well done and thank you to John and Louie!
Our second SNAC funded video with the fabulous charity What? Why? Children in Hospital, covers children receiving injections. We hope this video will be helpful for anyone with children starting or struggling with injections.

What? Why? Children in Hospital
Injections can be difficult for children. John and Louie did a great job in showing us in this video how to have injections. Was it sore? 'Only a wee bit, not really' said John (9) and 'it felt fine' said Louie (13). Two super stars, thanks for helping us with the filming! Also a big thank you to SNAC Scottish Network for Arthritis in Children for supporting this video!
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Very well done xx